Celebrating Excellence in ESDM’s aim to recognize role models for innovation and excellence in the electronics and semiconductor ecosystem. The Awards will honour India’s best individual contributors and organizations that drive the industry forward; and provide them with a platform to showcase their achievements and product successes.

Techno Graduate Innovators Award: This Award is for triggering innovative sprit among graduates and undergraduates. The Award is to recognize the most innovative project/product done by a team or an individual. He/she/team is required to be student/s doing under graduation or who has graduated in the year 2016.

Website link: http://www.iesaonline.org/Technovation2016/index.html

Result page link: http://www.iesaonline.org/Technovation2016/awardwinner.html

Communicative Glove

Communicative Glove is an assistive device for the auditory disabled in the form of a Human-Machine Interface system that converts the signs made in the form of hand gestures to the corresponding audio and text output understood by all.

Team members

Dr. Uma Mudenagudi

Batch: 2016 Sourabh Alagundagi

Sandeep Patil

Shreya Gudasalamani

Techno Graduate Innovators Award 2016 by IESA


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