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Master of Computer Application

Sl.No. Research Area Research Field Research Topic Faculty
1 Internet of Things Wireless
Sensor Networks
Quality,Enhancement of Data Aggregation Techniques in WSN Dr. P. R Patil
Prof. A. K. Chikaraddi
Prof. Amit K
Prof. Deepa M
Prof. S. R. Kulkarni

Smart System for Early Detection of Plant Diseases and Pest Infestation,
Cross Layer Design for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
2 Digital Image Processing Pattern
2D and 3D face recognition using Radon transform, subspace techniques (PCA, LDA, FDA) and symbolic data analysis Dr. P. S. Hiremath
Prof. S. V. Seeri
Prof. S.V. Budni
Prof. S. R. Kulkarni
Classification of bacterial cell images using digital image processing techniques.
Speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images.
Analysis of digital ultrasound images of ovaries and classification of ovaries.
Texture analysis using contourlet transform, local directional binary patterns and diffusion equation.
Digital microstructure image analysis and 3D estimation of Graphite content using stereological relationships and time of cooling.
Multi Lingual Text extraction from natural scene images using DIP Techniques.
03 Data Engineering Data Mining and Business Intelligence Design and Development of efficient data analytic techniques to handle large amount of data and to filter the data by applying proper constraints. Dr. P. S. Hiremath
Dr. P.R Patil
Prof. S.V. Seeri
Prof. Deepa M
Prof. Praveenkumar S.M.
The Natural Language Processing techniques for all kinds of enterprise data, social, bio-medical and other domains..
Improved algorithm for crawling big data from multiple platforms
Development of algorithms to visualize random data from multi-disciplinary segments

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