Team Vegadooth Racing is a formula student team of KLE Technological University, revelatory part of BVB Motorsports Club that participated in SUPRA SAEINDIA 2017. The team consistently bagged 4th position among 111 teams, successfully completing all the events in both the years and leaving a mark in the competition. The competition is held annually at Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida which is the only Formula 1 circuit of India. 2016 being the debut year of the college team, it stood 4th all over India in the overall rankings, among 124 other participating teams.

Formula student is about building a formula style racecar where in student teams design, fabricate, test, compete and race their vehicle.

The cars are built with team effort over a period of one year and compete with other teams on all the aspects of design, manufacture and performance on the race track. The end result is a great hands-on experience for young engineers encouraging team to work with specific end objectives. During the main event teams go through several hurdles of testing and the cars are judged on different criteria such as:


  • Technical Inspection (comprising 6 tests: Safety, chassis, noise, tilt, brake and electronics)
  • Engineering Design
  • Cost & Sustainability analysis
  • Business Presentation


  • Acceleration
  • Skidpad
  • Autocross
  • Endurance

The 2017 team comprised of captain, Yash Dand, vice-captain Sujay Khatawate, Sharavansa S, Adil Tirur, Viren Singh, Shivaprasad Kanavi, Rajat Nadgir, Adarsh Kulkarni, Shubham Dixit, Kiran Hiremath, Basangouda N, Praveen Kharade, Yash Gathani, Lingana Gowd, Manish Krishna, Subbusai Nagesh, Danesh Umarani, Chetan Harlapur and Sharanu Hiremath

The team is widely thankful to the college for giving an opportunity to learn and compete in such a reputed event and to the Faculty Advisors, Dr. Saroja V. Sidmal, Mr. Aditya M. Deshpande and Mr. Veerappa S Lohar for their invaluable guidance and support.



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