KLE Tech - BVB student team "Racing Rebels", a group of interdisciplinary students from Department of Automobile, Mechanical, Civil and Computer Science Engineering under the aegis of "BVB Motorsports Club" have brought laurels to the institution by winning third place in an international level event, "International Series of Karting-2016" held at Lahari Resorts, Hyderabad from 8th to 11th March 2016.

Around 70 teams participated in the competition and 42 teams qualified for the semi-final round, out of which 10 teams were selected for the final race. The competition included a series of tests like Technical Inspection, Design Presentation, Braking Test, Acceleration Test, Manoeuvrability Test and Fuel Economy Test.

The vehicle designed by the team "Racing Rebels" was powered by a 125cc Internal Combustion Engine and has attained a maximum speed of 90km/hr. The vehicle is designed for racing purposes and is meant to be driven in race tracks.

The team comprised of 10 highly motivated, enthusiastic students keen about motorsports racing and automobiles, lead by Rajat Ramesh Badgi, driven by Kiran Teggi, technical team Akshay Patil, Manjunath Patange, Mayur Hulkoti and Sachin Benni, Marketing team Arun Ballolli, Shrinivas Jagapur, Arpitha Girradi and Gouri Patil. The team was guided by Prof. Aditya Deshpande and Mr. Veerappa Lohar. The vehicle was fabricated in "Learning Factory" facility in the School of Mechanical Engineering.

The Vice-Chancellor KLE Tech, Dr.Ashok Shettar, Principal Dr.P G.Tewari, Registrar Dr.B L.Desai and all the staff congratulated the team.

KLE Tech - BVB shines in Internationals


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