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Following are the different areas of research:


1. VLSI Circuits and Systems: The research group focuses on following broad areas,

Digital VLSI

High performance VLSI architectures for signal processing applications.

Low power and mixed mode VLSI

low power data converters


Low cost  electrochemical potentiometric biosensor


2. Networking and security: The research group is currently focused towards,

Communication techniques and protocols

Energy efficient and/or self-configurable protocols/   algorithms for  wireless networks

Wireless mesh network

energy aware adaptive protocol for wireless sensor network

Data security

Cryptographic Hardware Primitives for data security.

Data security primitives for IoT framework.


3. Signal processing:  Focus areas of this research group are

Image/video processing

To improve the visual quality of the observed images to assist the medical diagnosis, precision agriculture, Hyper spectral image analysis for water body inferences.

Computer vision and graphics

3D data analysis and processing techniques for digital restoration of heritage sites.

point cloud rendering tool

Machine learning

intelligent system using computer vision and machine learning techniques


4. Embedded systems: Group is currently working in following areas,

Automated Irrigation

Crop Monitoring

Communicative Glove



Sl.No. Research Area Research Field Research Topic Faculty
1 VLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS Digital VLSI VLSI architecture for signal processing Subbanna Bhat
R M Banakar
Anilkumar V Nandi
R B Shettar
Saroja Sidmal
Sujata Kotabagi
Rohani H
Soumya Patil
Sanjay E
Nagraj V
Kaushik M
Sujata N
Subhas Meti
Low Power mixed signal VLSI Reconfigurable architectures
MEMS Design of reversible circuits for quantum computing
SoC Testing (Built in self-test mechanism to minimize the test cost & test repair cycles)
Design and implementation of Sigma Delta ADC: ASIC
Analog solutions: Power management for IoT applications
Mixed signal SoC for Semi active automotive suspension
Design & development of MEMS based effluent detector in water
2 NETWORKING AND SECURITY Communication Techniques and Protocols Inter Carrier Interference cancellation for Doubly Selective Channels in MIMO-OFDM systems R M Manakar
Uma Mudenagudi
Nalani C Iyer
Priyatam Kumar
Suneeta V Bubihal
Ramakrishna Joshi
Arun K
Shivaraj H
Shamshuddin K
Vishal P
R. M. Shet
Jyoti P
Heera W
Anil K
Bhagyashree K
Nikita P
Wireless Mesh Network Optimized system model for inter cell interference reduction
Data Security Energy aware routine protocols in WSN
Fault tolerance mechanisms in WSN
Routing protocols for wireless mesh networks
A Cross-layer Framework for QoS-aware Routing in Wireless Mesh Network (WMN)
Algorithmic and architectural Optimization of SHA-512 authentication protocol.
Embedded Low-weight Crypto engine to detect & diagnose the attack and deploy countermeasures for IoT : Security-aware devices
Dynamic Trust and Data Integrity for IoT: To prevent unauthorized identification and tracking for heterogeneous sets of devices.
3 SIGNAL PROCESSING Speech Processing Image Fusion and its Performance Analysis Uma Mudenagudi
Ujwala Patil
Vijaya E
anuja P
Ashwini K
Satish C
Image and Video Processing Image Super resolution
Computer Vision and Graphics Summarization of surveillance videos
Object tracking using particle filter and OpenCL
Single and Multi view 3D reconstruction
3D super resolution
3D categorization
Lane departure system, pedestrian detection with distance
Detection of doctored images
Augmented and Virtual reality
4 EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Industrial Automation EEG-based Real-time driver distraction analysis Anilkumar V Nandi
Nalani C Iyer
Ameet P
P C Nissimgoudar
Venkatesh M
Kiran M
Shraddha H
Preeti P
Prashanth N
Automotive Electronics Security Authentication System for Embedded Automotive Network Protocol
Assistive Technologies Irrigation based on plant nutrient (macro) requirement and detection of Volumetric soil moisture
Reconfigurable Fault Tolerant Control System
Mixed signal SoC for Semi active automotive suspension
Communicative Glove
5 POWER SYSTEM Power System Operation and Control Impact of Distributed generations on stability of Power Systems.
Electric Drives
6 RENEWABLE ENERGY Grid Connected Systems Investigation of Control strategies for Hybrid Renewable Energy based Water Pumping Systems
Standalone Systems

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