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Computer Science & Engineering


Sl. No. Name Designation Specialization
1 Dr. Meena S. Maralappanavar Professor Image Processing, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval.
2 Dr. Satyadhyan Chickerur Professor Image Processing, High Performance Computing
3 Dr Vishwanath P. Baligar Professor Data Compression, Embedded Systems, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Computer Networks, Parallel Processing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
4 Dr. S G Totad Professor Data Mining, Big Data Analytics
5 Dr. Karibasappa,K.G. Professor Computer science and Engineering
6 Mr. G. S. Hanchinamani Assc. Professor Image Security
7 Ms. Lalita Madanbhavi Assc. Professor Computer Vision & Image Processing
8 Ms. Sujata C Assc. Professor Image & Video processing
9 Mr. Narayan D.G. Assc. Professor Multi-hop wireless mesh networks, Software defined networks
10 Jayalaxmi G N Assc. Professor Wireless Mesh Networks
11 Ms.,Vidya Handur Assc. Professor Network Engineering
12 Mr. C. D. Kerure Assc. Professor Computer Engineering
13 Ms.N D Kulennavar Assc. Professor System Engineering
14 Ms.M M Raikar Assc. Professor Wireless Networks
15 Mr. K M M Rajeshkaraiah Assc. Professor Data Science& Engineering
16 Ms.P.G. Sunitha Hiremath Assc. Professor Networking & Data Engineering
17 Mr.Shankar G Assc. Professor Data Analysis
18 Mr. P.P. Hegde Asst. Professor Data Science& Engineering
19 Mr. Manjunath Gonal Asst. Professor Data Science& Engineering
20 Ms. P.D. Kalawad Asst. Professor Image Processing,Computer Networks and Parallel Algorithms
21 Mr. Vijay S. Biradar Asst. Professor Data Science& Engineering
22 Ms.Shantala,Giraddi Asst. Professor Image Processing, Data Science& Engineering
23 Ms.Kavitha H. S Asst. Professor Network Engineering
24 Ms.Uma Devi F M Asst. Professor System Engineering
25 Ms. N. V. Yaligar Asst. Professor System Engineering
26 Ms.Preeti. T Asst. Professor Data Science& Engineering
27 Mr. Praveen M Dhulavvagol Asst. Professor Image & Video Retrieval
28 Mr. Anand S Meti Asst. Professor Networking & Data Engineering
29 Mr. Vijaya Bhajantri Asst. Professor Data Science& Engineering
30 Mr.Mahesh Patil Asst. Professor System Engineering
31 Ms Manjula Pawar Asst. Professor Data Science& Engineering
32 Mr. Shivalingappa B Asst. Professor Network Engineering
33 Mr. Prakash Hegade Asst. Professor Data Science, Semantic Web and Mathematical Modeling
34 Ms.Nirmala Patil Asst.Professor Data Engineering
35 Ms.Indira Bidari Asst.Professor Data Engineering and,Formal Methods
36 Mr. Uday Kulkarni Asst.Professor Big Data & Data Engineering
37 Ms. Mahalaxmi Bhille Asst.Professor Embedded Systems
38 Ms. Prreti Baligar Asst.Professor Computer Science & Engineering
39 Mr.Deepak Metha Asst.Professor Data Science& Engineering
40 Mr. Praveenraj Asst.Professor Data Science& Engineering
41 Ms. Nitya Kulkarni Asst.Professor Network Engineering
42 Sachin S Shetty Research Assistant Machine Learning for Computer Vision
43 Hareesh Hebballi Teaching Assistant Information Science and Engineering
44 Madhura Shettar Teaching Assistant Computer Sc.& Engg
45 Mohammed Moin Mulla Teaching Assistant Wireless Mesh Networks, Software Defined Networks, Cloud computing

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