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Automation and Robotics

B E Automation and Robotics

Basic Science, Mathematics, and Engineering & Humanities.


Vertical -1 (Automation) Vertical -2 (Informatics & Control) Vertical -3 (Robotics)
Course Sem Course Sem Course Sem
Design of automatic machinery VI AI & Machine learning VI Mobile robotics & Perception VI
Industrial internet of things VII Supervisory and distributed control systems VII Computer vision and digital image processing VII
Automated manufacturing VII ARM Microprocessors VII Intelligent robots VII
Home & Building automation VIII Process Control VIII Biomechanics & Robotics VIII
III Semester IV Semester V Semester VI Semester VII semester VIII Semester
Statistics and integral transforms Calculus and integral transforms Numerical Methods and partial differential equations Vector calculus and differential Robot analysis & design RTES Measurements (Instrumentation & Sensors) Elective (Vertical 1) Automated manufacturing
Analog & Digital Electronic circuits Kinematics of Machinery Hydraulics & Pneumatics Programming Industrial Automation Systems Robot Dynamics and Control Elective (Vertical 2) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Mechanics of Materials Control system Power electronics motors & drives Elective(Vertical 1) Elective (Vertical 1) Open Elective
Manufacturing Technology & Metrology Engineering Design Mechatronics System Design Elective (Vertical 2) Elective (Vertical 2 ) HSS 3 -Accounting & Financial Management
Problem solving and programming - I Machine Design Problem solving and programming -2 HSS 1 Đ Professional Aptitude & Logical Reasoning Open Elective Project -2
Programming Lab -1 Microcontrollers Programming Lab -2 RTES Lab HSS 2 Đ Management Theory & Practice
Machine Drawing Lab Manufacturing & Metrology lab Hydraulics & Pneumatics Lab Robotics Lab Constitution of India, Professional Ethics and Environmental Studies
Analog/ Digital electronics lab Microcontroller Lab Mechatronics Lab Automation lab Project -1
Kinematics lab Miniproject Minorproject 2

Minor in Robotics


Sl. No. Course / Lab Credit
1 Analog & Digital Electronics 3
2 Kinematics of machinery 3
3 Robot,analysis & design 3
4 Mobile,robots & Image processing 3
5 Machine,Learning 2
6 Project 2
Total 16

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